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SMP Resurgence.

Discussion in 'News' started by Sportsfan666, Jul 28, 2014.


Which plugins should we use? (You can pick multiple ones!)

It might just happen! (imjh) 24 vote(s) 39.3%
Proper Weather 31 vote(s) 50.8%
Sleepingplus 18 vote(s) 29.5%
Foodbalance 17 vote(s) 27.9%
Trade 39 vote(s) 63.9%
Player Weight 18 vote(s) 29.5%
Armor Abilities 33 vote(s) 54.1%
Miners Insanity 22 vote(s) 36.1%
Aaaaahdeath 17 vote(s) 27.9%
Animal Plague 19 vote(s) 31.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
    • Community Manager

    Sportsfan666 Community Manager

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    In case any of you have been distracted by our continuously popular Pixelmon server and missed it, our SMP server has also been brought back to life. Sadly Pixelmon has overshadowed SMP, but we're hoping to change that. On SMP, players can have a relatively comfortable experience after just a day or so of playtime - which usually results in players becoming bored and leaving the server. Below, I've listed a handful of plugins that will either hinder players, or add new aspects of the game for them to discover. If you want to have a say in what the server becomes, be sure to check them out and vote! Note, don't rule out a plugin just because it makes the game more difficult. That's the idea here!

    This plugin adds the chance for several mishaps that are common in real life, such as food poisoning and electrocution. Some of the features seem a bit OP, but they can be configured differently.

    With proper weather, a number of natural disasters have a chance of appearing in the world. Though most aren't exactly "natural", they can still prove to be pretty fun.

    Beds finally have a purpose in smp! Sleepingplus makes players slowly become fatigued when they play for long periods of time without sleeping.

    With this, players will actually need to eat different types of food if they want to remain at their best. No more eating only baked potatoes for days.

    This plugin offers a solution to practically end scamming by making it possible for players to trade via commands. Nothing dangerous here, I hope.

    Now you can be self conscious about your Minecraft body! This plugin alters one of the most unrealistic minecraft features - being able to carry whatever you want. Now, players have a defined "weight" that changes with their inventory. More weight equals slower walking speed.

    This plugin adds more effects to armor items, other than the boring vanilla enchants and protections. More information is here - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...r-wearing-different-types-of-armor-1-4.85015/

    This plugin reminded me of the Amnesia game, even though I've never played it. With this, players slowly go insane if they spend too much time underground. This plugin seems like an interesting way to prevent people from mining for hours on end.

    This plugin seems slightly morbid, but who doesn't like that? Basically, if you mistreat your player - not feeding them, leaving their health low, or forcing them in cramped spaces, they will slowly become more likely to kill themselves.

    This is probably my favorite plugin out of the list. This plugin adds the risk of animal plagues in large farms - essentially making players unable to have stable massive farms. (I think this would go well with foodbalance, personally.)

    There it is! In an effort to get more feedback, any players who vote on the poll and post their feedback below will be entered in a raffle to win a prize on their choice of server (either smp or pixelmon) The prizes are currently undecided (They will be worth it) and the number of winners will depend on how many people are entered. Thanks for your feedback!

    If you have suggestions for any other plugins (or anything in general) feel free to post them below~
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    Fate New Member

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    Idk, I'm not a big fan of regular minecraft but I guess something you could add is a plugin that allows people to make custom swords/daggers. I've played on a server that allowed you to do that as well as have swords in both hands. Meh.
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    Mac New Member

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    I'll be getting on SMP soon so it'll be great to get some more plugins to make the server better than it already is.
    • Member

    BrettCarrie Member

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    Ngl, I love mods and plugins that make things more realistic, and all of these sound like great fun. So while my votes count for little I have voted for them all.
    • Member

    DoctorPhreak Member

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    I voted for all of them, they all sound amazing. If these were to be added I would actually go on the SMP server more, I never really go onto it because I don't really care to much for vanilla minecraft. Unless if there are plugins already that I just missed.
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    • Sectional Moderator

    Aaron Moderator

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    Player Weight just sounds really frustrating.. Reminds me of Hydlide. Armour Abilities might make people really OP. Other than that, everything else seems fun to use.
    • Member

    TehW101P Active Member

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    I chose Armor Abilities, Trade, and IMJH. The others seem like slightly too much hassle on what is supposed to be a relaxing game-type.
    • Member

    kezni New Member

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    I don't play SMP simply because it gets boring after a while since you run out of things to do.

    IMJH: Adds more danger and more possibilities. Some things would probably get annoying, but could be decided on whether they should be disabled.

    ProperWeather: I voted no because some things shown in the video would be annoying and unnecessary, like the random sand and arrows. Also, I'm not sure if items like diamonds ect. drop from Itemrain, but Itemrain could make it too easy and defeat the purpose of SMP (not fully, but things like free armour from it makes it quite easy).

    SleepingPlus: Gives another use for beds and would go well with Aaaaahdeath.

    Foodbalance: Forces the player to create multiple food sources to live, therefore more things to do.

    Trade: Because why not? Prevents people from coming and taking dropped items when trading, and prevents scamming because it makes the other user give the specified / wanted item that was agreed on.

    Playerweight: I voted no on this one because if you've been mining and you're trying to find where you came from, it would take a while because of your movement speed. If you had just started and were gaining resources and your inventory was getting full, it would take ages to get away from spawn to find somewhere to build. If you put this with ProperWeather, it could become infuriating for players, like if it was windy or you've just gained resources and then suddenly you get bombed by meteors.

    Armor-abilities: No because it could cause players to be OP (not sure what abilities you gain though) and could make survival too easy.

    Miners Insanity: I say yes because it can make players not continually mine for hours on end and make them do other things. Could go well with Aaaaahdeath, or could not :p

    Aaaaahdeath: i voted yes because it brings SMP closer to actual survival. Could go with Sleepingplus as it adds another use for a bed. Makes you look after your player by feeding them, making a house with a nice outside / inside. Could also go with Foodbalance if eating the same food effects the happiness.

    Animal plague: I wouldn't mind it since I don't use animal farms, but if I had to vote yes or no, I would vote yes because it would make the game slightly more challenging and wouldn't allow players to have huge animal farms with an unlimited supply of food.
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    bobbyjoe30 New Member

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    Somehow make smp new and fun using plugins to reward players. Make it as addicting as pixelmon by making the player rewarded for his or her time on the server. The way pixelmon makes me feel is that it almost feels as if a force is drawing me in and forcing me to continue or I will be behind. Host some for of contests at different parts of the day and make them sound as if they can't be missed. Some form of playtime rewards would be nice.
    • Member

    DarnedUrchin New Member

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    I would love for all of them to be added, they all sound pretty awesome!

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