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Pixelmon Donations

Discussion in 'News' started by Sportsfan666, Jul 6, 2015.


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    Donations Disclaimer
    Any donations are rewarded as is - that is, you will receive the perks/items listed at the time of your donation. Donations are subject to change, so be sure to read this thread before donating. Donations may change to better suit out users. To ensure that your donation is properly handled, you must create a forums account and donate on our donation page - acherongaming.com/donate. In the notes section, leave your Minecraft Username. If our donation system drastically changes in the future, donors will be reimbursed properly. If you have any questions regarding donations, ask me BEFORE you donate!

    Pixelmon Donations
    With the Minecraft EULA in mind, we have developed a system to reward donors while still following the EULA regulations. Read the following carefully to get an understanding of how our new system works. If you have any questions, you can message Sportsfan666.

    For every $5 (USD) you donate, you will receive one Donation Voucher. This voucher can be redeemed to change one of your existing Pokemon in a few ways. We have some restrictions due to the EULA. What we cannot do: Change stats, nature, or moves. What we can do: Make your Pokemon shiny, change it's size, change the ball it is held in, and it's gender. One voucher can not be used on multiple Pokemon (Changing the size of one Pokemon, and making another shiny). To preserve rarity of certain shiny Pokemon, it will take you two vouchers to edit Fossil Pokemon and Porygon (This may change in the future!), and three vouchers to edit a Legendary.

    Bonus Rewards!
    Anyone who donates $10 USD or more will receive donor status. Donor is not a rank in itself, so you will still be able to beat gyms and earn the normal ranks. Those with donor status will receive the following benefits:
    • Nicknames - Ability to have nicknames. Must be approved and changed by OPs.
    • /Pokecolor - A command used to change the color of the name of your Pokemons.
    • /ptime - A command that can be used to change the time of day on your screen.
    • A donor prefix before your rank. The prefix will depend on your team affiliation.

    More Bonus Rewards!
    Every month, we have a donation goal. Every time someone donates, their donation is added to our goal. When the goal is reached, the entire server will receive bonuses. If there is still a sizable portion of the month left, the goal will rise and the server will be rewarded if it is reached again. Server bonuses will depend on the goal, but some possibilities are -- giveaways, increased Pokemon XP gains, legendary spawning multiplier, shiny spawning multiplier, MCMMO xp multipler, and more!

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