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July Agenda

Discussion in 'News' started by Sportsfan666, Jul 16, 2015.


Have you found the new shops yet?

Yes 4 vote(s) 57.1%
No 3 vote(s) 42.9%
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    Sportsfan666 Community Manager

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    ~July Info~
    Sorry for the late thread, we've been busy making some improvements to the server! ;) July has been fun so far, and we still have half of it to go. This thread will serve as an overview for the happenings of July. Some topics have links to other threads that can give you more info. Check back for a new thread in August!

    With the new EULA in mind, we have crafted a new donation system. Donations help keep the server running and help fund future upgrades. Donations are much appreciated, plus you will be receive certain prizes/perks for donating!
    More info -http://acherongaming.com/threads/pixelmon-donations.2098/

    As with last month, we are continuing events. We currently have three events scheduled per week, plus bonus events that serve other purposes. Events include giveaways, multipliers, and team based events. If you have suggestions for events, we may consider implementing them. (See below!)

    Voting helps bring more players to the server and, as we all know, more players equals more fun! We already have some nice prizes for voting (including money, various pokeballs, rare/exclusive items, and legendaries!) but we also have a secondary reward system! The other reward system involves a lottery where people who vote often can earn tickets for a chance at prizes.

    We have been making changes and adding new stuff to the map lately. Two cities were remodeled - Aelong and Ricco. As well as the towns, two new shops have been made on the map - good luck finding them! Future additions include more server shops, team bases, some more remodeling, and more!

    Our goal at Acheron Pixelmon is to make and improve the ultimate experience for our players. To help us with that, we have a suggestions subforum. If you have any suggestions, you can make a thread and have others give you feedback. If you have any suggestions, you can post them here ~ http://acherongaming.com/forums/suggestions.114/

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    Knight_liam12123 New Member

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    spor im not able to join the server every time that i try it says authentication servers are down please try again later. can u help me with this?
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    Sportsfan666 Community Manager

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    Minecraft was having issues the other day, so all servers were down. It's back up now though. :) You should be able to log in fine now, but message me on here if you have any further issues.

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