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#Hex4Op2k15 (Now with Poll!)

Discussion in '[CLOSED] Operator Applications' started by BrettCarrie, May 6, 2015.


Should Hex be given Operator Status?

Yes 8 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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    BrettCarrie Member

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    All applicants must include a poll with the answers Yes/No ONLY. Only MODS may apply for OP! Do not apply for OP if you are not a mod. This does not include TrialMods.
    ~General Information~
    Username on Minecraft: Hexastara (Hex)
    Age: 20
    Rough estimate of your time on Pixelmon so far? Rough estimate of your time on Acheron so far?: 1 year at the end of this month
    What Timezone are you in?: GMT/UTC+0
    Past experience with being an operator or above on another server (name and experience): I've owned my own server (MantiCraft, server of the holy manticore) and been an owner rank on another server (XxCraftxX) as well as being admin+ on a few other servers.
    You see someone breaking the rules, yet no Operators are available to help you, and you're not Operator yet. What do you do?:
    Typically I follow the person involved, screenshot any evidence I can find of their illicit activities and then I message people on Skype to figure out what I should be doing, whether a tempban from myself or a more permanent ban from an operator is needed.
    Why do you want Operator status?:
    Currently our staff situation is a little precarious, and I am on for several hours per day in which there is no other Mod+ staff member online. I would like to help cover the hours that are not currently being covered. So far I have uncovered several people breaking the rules, and I have had no ability to do anything about it.
    What have you done to help this server so far? Post how you have helped Acheron in general if it applies.:
    I've been a Moderator for some time now and, despite a time when I had a lot to deal with due to close family deaths and university work, I am a very active player. I also built the stadium near spawn and tried to help build the server, but Chel is just superior to me in terms of building so I left her to it.
    Another Operator is pestering you, and you have the rank of Operator as well. What do you do?:
    Take it on the chin. All the ops are cool as hell and don't "pester" except for amusement. I can take a joke and give it back in turn. If it's a serious case then I will tell them to fight me irl.
    A user accuses you of abusing your administrative powers for your own personal gain, and they will not be swayed from their opinion. What do you do?:
    I will try to console them, and if that doesn't work then I will seek information from other Operators on how I would rectify the situation. If they need evidence then I assume it is available from logs which would prove me right as I am only abusive to players, not my powers.
    You are an Operator. Someone complains that a user (one whom you trust) is guilty of breaking the rules. How do you handle this situation?:
    All players are created equal, regardless of who it is that has committed the crime, they will do the time. I have banned friends before, and I will happily do it again if they have broken trust with both myself and the server they have decided to join.
    You have an altercation with another staff member. What do you do to resolve it?:
    I don't tend to do much in terms of fighting with people, but when I do I'm damn good at it. I resolve it by winning the argument and then proving that it's not that big of a deal and being totally chill with the person afterwards. If, by some miracle, I am wrong then I accept that fact and apologize for the issue and ensuing argument. Then I curl up into a ball and feel sorry for myself.
    On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with the Pixelmon mod? (Basically, will you be able to help users who have questions?):
    I'm pretty good at it, so I would say probably an 8 to 9, I've got some things to learn but I've mastered the vast majority of it.
    If you're not very familiar with the mod, would you be willing to learn?:
    I've been learning since I got here, so there is no issue with learning more.
    Why do you think you deserve OP, instead of just your mod position? What will you do differently as an Operator that you haven't done as a Mod?:
    I would like to help do those daily events people keep asking for, I would like to help resolve situations that are normally out of my control. I would like to be generally more useful than I currently can be.
    ~Operator Terms and Conditions~
    Have you read the server rules, and are you prepared to take precious time out of your day to actually moderate and clean the Pixelmon server?:
    I already do, I just wish to do more.
    Are you willing and able to learn plugins such as WorldGuard, PermissionsEX, LogBlock, and WorldEdit, and are you willing to use them often to keep the server clean?:
    I already know 3/4 of those, and I'll be willing to learn more in order to "keep the server clean"
    Will you fulfill your duties as an Operator, instead of just having the rank as a position of power? (We will hold you to this):
    Yes. Although power is nice too.
    ~In closing~
    In very few words, describe yourself.:
    Possibly the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread.
    If you have anything else to add, feel free to put it here.:
    Oh, I also own a Breeding Emporium, so I might as well take a second to shamelessly advertise that. Call me.
    Favorite Pokémon?:
    Alakazoom. There can only be one answer to this question.
    Signed: Hexastara.
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    Chel Old Lady

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    Get the **** out of here you English bastard

    Nah, it's a yeah from me. Idk how much that means right now but I trust you with OP privileges.
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    Market Forum Admin

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    I dont know how many europeans are playing on our servers, but i would really recommend him.
    He could watch over the players while you guys are sleeping
    And like Chelsea, i dont know how much my +1 means to you guys too, umm... yea.
    Its up to you, Sports.

    Greetings from the german one to my english neighbour & good luck!

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