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Denied Gym leader app

Discussion in '[OPEN] Gym Leader Applications' started by Torchic_FTW, Sep 6, 2015.


Should i be gym leader

yes 12 vote(s) 66.7%
no 6 vote(s) 33.3%
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    Torchic_FTW New Member

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    Username on Minecraft (If you have a nick that differs from your username, you may want to put it here so people will recognize you.):irl it is Levi but in game it is PixelDroid
    Age:13 soon to be 14 in december
    Rough estimate of your time on Acheron Pixelmon: around a month and 6 days if im correct
    Rank on Acheron Pixelmon:executive
    What Timezone are you in?:mountain standard time
    Past experience with being an operator or above on another server (name and experience):i was GL on a diffrent server before.
    References (2 ops and/or 4 mods that support you):Aaron op and sethy op
    ~Gym Information~
    Which Gym (City) are you hoping to own? List up to three!:ranshaw i prefure cus i love dragon types but either on these will do :D kulap and medius
    Can you get along with the current leader of the gym?: Yes i can get along with any one To be honest
    If needed, would you allow more users to take partial ownership and responsibility of your gym?:if you mean by GL+ yes
    In either of the two above cases, would you be able to ignore personal feelings for the betterment of your gym?: yes
    You see someone breaking the rules, yet no staff members are available to help you. What do you do?:i go to the end of the battle and no mater what if he broke a rule he loses but i will allow rematches
    Why do you want to be a Gym Leader?:i want to help out and battle people and have fun beign gym leader
    What have you done to help this server so far, and/or how do you plan to help once you become a Gym Leader?:i would do the same i always do help out the best way i can
    Another Gym Leader, or higher ranked player, is bugging/harassing/pestering you. What do you do?:i give him a warning to stop if he doesnt well idk the command gl gets
    A user accuses you of abusing your Gym Leader powers for your own personal gain (Basically, using your gym leader Pokemon in a non-Gym battle) and they will not be swayed from their opinion. What do you do?: i would ask him for proof cus i dont like the hole accusing part
    You are a Gym Leader. Someone complains that a user (one whom you trust) is guilty of breaking the rules. How do you handle this situation?:it wouldnt matter if i trust him its a rule right and i would give a warning and if i trust him most liklly chance he will listen to me
    ~Gym Leader Terms and Conditions~
    Have you read the server rules, and are you prepared to take precious time out of your day to actually accept Gym battles, or are you just going to ignore your duties?:i would love to have a gym battles and dependign on what im doing ill accept it no mattr what
    Are you willing to consistently be active on the server until you resign? If you have other things to do or are taking a hiatus, be sure to tell Staff.:i will most likley be active on the server for months mayb years to come
    Are you a good sport? You need to be prepared to lose, and to be humble when you win.:i will accept deffeat and will be responsible when i win
    Will you abuse your power in any way at all?:i wont abuse cus whe ni abuse i feel either real sorry or just liek no will (thats ho you can tell if i did abuse)
    ~In closing~
    In very few words, describe yourself:i love to help out thats all i need to say
    Favorite Pokemon?:MUDKIP he is my favourit
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    Sportsfan666 Community Manager

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    You app has been denied for the following reason:

    You created several alternate accounts to sway poll choices on Honsi's (and probably your) gym application. That action is unbefitting of the gym leader position, so your application is officially denied and locked. Evidence is below.

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