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Forum Rules

Discussion in 'News' started by Valkyrie, Aug 17, 2012.

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    These Rules are To Be followed.

    1.No spam - Cluttering the boards with sentence fragments isn't good for anyone. Don't do it.

    2.No porn - Most of the users here are young. Please be courteous. Fap by yourself, you don't have to share your sexual urges with the rest of us.

    3.Swearing - Cussing is tolerated, but do not direct your swears at people, this can be seen as harassment, and there will be consequences. Excessive swearing is also frowned upon.

    4.No excessive caps - Posting in all caps is obnoxious and demeaning. No one likes an e-screamer. We don't care if Hitler has been resurrected, or if someone is griefing your house; TYPING LIKE THIS is really frustrating to read and draws little extra attention to your post.

    5.No Necrobumping - Necrobumping is the act of posting on long-dead threads, bumping them to the top. It clutters the forums and no one will like you if you do it. Necrobumping will be excused if you have something extremely important (and relevant) to say. As this is usually not the case, don't necrobump.

    6.No excessive bumping - If a thread is crap, let it die. If no one else is responding to your thread about 'What part of a chicken tastes the best', it's probably because no one is interested. Bumping is acceptable once, but please do it sparingly.

    7.No annoying formatting - Just because you can use a 750 point font size, doesn't make it okay. Please avoid using ultra-large text, eye-rape colors (colors that match the background), armies of smilies, and the like.

    8.Please be literate - If you want to be taken seriously, whether in an op app, a discussion, a forum game, or even a shoutbox post, it always helps to use actual words. Excessive shorthand will earn you a firm smack on the bottom and poor punctuation, spelling, and grammar will have you shunned. You have no idea how many op apps I've denied and how many people I have ignored based solely or mainly on their grammar.

    9.Post in the right section - We have categories (Main, SMP, Freebuild etc) and Subcategories (news, suggestions, op apps, etc). The former should be immediately understood; But I'll explain them all regardless:

    10.Respect the shoutbox - follow all previous rules in the shoutbox, and treat it as a forum would be treated.

    11. No massive signatures - Signatures are just meant to show a little something about you, something you like, or an achievement you want public. They aren't meant to put 6 different .GIFs or YouTube videos, please keep it clean.
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