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Everything you need to know about August!

Discussion in 'News' started by Sportsfan666, Aug 2, 2015.


What kind of events would you like to see more of on Pixelmon?

PvP 9 vote(s) 52.9%
Pokemon Tournaments 8 vote(s) 47.1%
Giveaways 5 vote(s) 29.4%
Parkour/maze challenges. 7 vote(s) 41.2%
Multiplier increases 6 vote(s) 35.3%
Other ( We have a suggestions subforum ;) ) 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Sportsfan666 Community Manager

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    To curb the production of excess announcements and to give users easier access to info, various server info will be posted in a single thread every month. This thread will contain info about voting, rewards, announcements, donations, and more! I will periodically update/add to this thread if needed. Read below to guide yourself through the read.

    What are you looking for? (Hint - click the words below!)
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    Andilitox Community Manager

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    Donations Disclaimer
    Any donations are rewarded as is - that is, you will receive the perks/items listed at the time of your donation. Donations are subject to change, so be sure to read this thread before donating. Donations may change to better suit out users. To ensure that your donation is properly handled, you must create a forums account and donate on our donation page - acherongaming.com/donate. In the notes section, leave your Minecraft Username. If our donation system drastically changes in the future, donors will be reimbursed properly. If you have any questions regarding donations, ask me BEFORE you donate!

    Pixelmon Donations
    With the Minecraft EULA in mind, we have developed a system to reward donors while still following the EULA regulations. Read the following carefully to get an understanding of how our new system works. If you have any questions, you can message Sportsfan666.

    For every $5 (USD) you donate, you will receive one Donation Voucher. This voucher can be redeemed to change one of your existing Pokemon in a few ways. We have some restrictions due to the EULA. What we cannot do: Change stats, nature, or moves. What we can do: Make your Pokemon shiny, change it's size, change the ball it is held in, and it's gender. One voucher can not be used on multiple Pokemon (Changing the size of one Pokemon, and making another shiny). To preserve rarity of certain shiny Pokemon, it will take you two vouchers to edit Fossil Pokemon and Porygon (This may change in the future!), and three vouchers to edit a Legendary.

    Bonus Rewards!
    Anyone who donates $10 USD or more will receive donor status. Donor is not a rank in itself, so you will still be able to beat gyms and earn the normal ranks. Those with donor status will receive the following benefits:
    • Nicknames - Ability to have nicknames. Must be approved and changed by OPs.
    • /Pokecolor - A command used to change the color of the name of your Pokemons.
    • /ptime - A command that can be used to change the time of day on your screen.
    • A donor prefix before your rank. The prefix will depend on your team affiliation.
    More Bonus Rewards!
    Every month, we have a donation goal. Every time someone donates, their donation is added to our goal. When the goal is reached, the entire server will receive bonuses. If there is still a sizable portion of the month left, the goal will rise and the server will be rewarded if it is reached again. Server bonuses will depend on the goal, but some possibilities are -- giveaways, increased Pokemon XP gains, legendary spawning multiplier, shiny spawning multiplier, MCMMO xp multipler, and more!
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    Aaron Moderator

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    September Events!
    In order to keep our server a fun place, we will begin having 3 events a week for players to participate in to receive rewards. Below are the events that will be occurring this upcoming week, along with any important announcements about what to look forward to in the near future. If you have not joined a team, do so as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions about an event you would like to be implemented, feel free to send me a private message here on the forum.
    All times are in CST.
    Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015: MCMMO experience x2, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
    During this time, you will receive twice as much MCMMO experience.
    Thursday, Aug 27, 2015: Boss party, beginning somewhere between 2 and 5 PM.
    A Pokémon boss party will be hosted around this time.
    Saturday, August 29, 2015: Secret Team Based Event! Starting somewhere between 1 and 5 PM.

    We will have another tournament beginning later this month. You need to have a team of 3 level 70s to compete. Legendaries are not allowed. Start preparing! (Check below for additional info!)
    • Community Manager

    Sportsfan666 Community Manager

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    Voting Info
    We have a neat new tool to make voting easier! The link below is an amazing tool that puts all of our voting sites in one place. After voting on a page, use the green arrows on the left or right of your screen to go to the next one! It is much easier than opening all of the tabs, and it minimizes lag. Thanks to mcserver.tools for this great tool! We also have monthly raffles where voters can earn even more prizes! Click this for more info!


    Please read this! - You can vote once every twenty four hours (some sites are every 12 hours), so be sure to check back often. When voting, be sure to enter your username EXACTLY as it appears on Minecraft. If your username was "FeignedPotato" you would need to enter it as that. "feignedpotato" and"FEIGNEDPOTATO" could possibly risk your rewards. And as always...be sure to spell your username correctly! ;)

    Voting Links
    The above link should work fine in most cases, but the individual sites are listed below. If you experience issues with any of them, send me a message and I'll do my best to fix the issue.

    Voting Rewards

    To promote voting and to reward our loyal players, we are testing out a new voting system. This system is currently only enabled for June, but we will prolong it for future months if it turns out to be a success. Please bear with us while the new system is implemented. As always, thank you for voting and supporting Acheron Pixelmon. :)

    Current voting rewards will stay, but now we will have a monthly raffle to reward our dedicated voters. Voting works this way: for every ten votes you have, you receive one ticket. (For example - you will receive 15 tickets if you have 150 votes.) At the end of the month, tickets are drawn (via a random number generator) and prizes are distributed to the winners. The more you vote, the more chances you have to win! The top three voters will get a bonus surprise as well! If you want to know what is up for grabs, check the post below. If we get an unexpectedly high number of voters, I will add more prizes to suit the demand. Good luck everyone! Feel free to post in this thread with any questions/comments/speculations you may have.
    The Prizes!
    Fossils Pack -
    Fossils Pack -
    Poke Balls Pack -
    Poke Balls Pack -
    Rare Items Pack -
    Rare Items Pack -
    (Small) Rare Candy Pack -
    (Small) Rare Candy Pack -
    (Small) Rare Candy Pack -
    (Medium) Rare Candy Pack -
    (Large) Rare Candy Pack -
    Random shiny Pokemon -
    Random Shiny Pokemon -
    Shiny Pokemon of Your Choice -
    Random Legendary -
    Legendary of Your Choice -
    Secret Prize -

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    Sportsfan666 Community Manager

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    Additional Info!
    Later this month, we will have a Pokemon tournament. This will be our first attempt at a large scale tournament, so please bear with us! The tournament will last several days. After you are paired against someone, you need to discuss a time to battle with them. Once you decide on a time, an OP needs to officiate your battle to make it official. The tournament is slightly unorthodox, but it is set up this way to null the effects of timezone differentials.

    The rules are simple, but ask an OP if you have any questions.
    1. All battles will be 3v3.
    2. Your Pokemon must not exceed level 70 at any point during the tournament (level lock your Pokemon!)
    3. Legendaries are not allowed. Duplicate Pokemon are not allowed.
    4. You may not use restoration items, but held items (such as leftovers) are allowed.
    5. All battles are final -- don't be a sore loser!
    6. If you go inactive during the event, you will be disqualified.
    7. Any cheating will result in your disqualification and banishment from future events.
    8. Have fun!

    Tournament Prizes!
    The current plan is to have 32 total players participating, and everyone who enters will receive some sort of prize. Your prize will be determined by how long you last in the tournament. There will be five rounds (32, 16, 8, 4, 2). The prizes are listed below. (Prizes are not collective, the round listed equals the round you are eliminated).

    Round one (32 entrants) - Consolation prize.
    Round two (16 entrants) - Mystery Ticket
    Round three (8 entrants) - Random Shiny
    Round four (4 entrants ~ semifinals) - Shiny of your choice.
    Round five (2 entrants ~ finals) - Random Legendary
    Winner (1 entrant) - Legendary of your choice.
    To enter the tournament, message SPORTSFAN666 with your minecraft username and your timezone. Thank you!
    1. Kingmoonpie
    2. hurtlocker74
    3. Tulaash
    4. Demuklos
    5. derpinator6000
    6. DirtMiner
    7. Knight_liam12123
    8. Danny970

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