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Conduct Rules for New Staff

Discussion in 'News' started by Chell, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Since we have so many new members, many people thought it best that there be a written list of rules for staff members. All the /rules still apply to staff members, but this specifies what is expected of them. Refusal to comply with these rules will result in one to two warnings, depending on how severe the infraction was, and then a demotion. Please keep in mind that this is subject to change. If you are a lower ranked member of the community who believes one of our staff members are acting inappropriately for their position, please report it to an Operator or an Owner with evidence provided (screenshots, text logs). We expect mature behavior from our newly appointed staff (no, caps and cuss words will likely not result in a demotion unless overly used and uncensored).

    Conduct Rules for Staff
    1. Please use common sense when reading these rules. If a rule is not listed, that does not mean there is a loophole. Common sense conquers all.
    2. Be respectful to everyone, even if they are a lower rank and may be insulting you. If they are causing trouble, inform a higher rank or use whatever moderation powers you have to silence them. They cannot complain if they were asking for it. Don't go around picking fights.
    3. All new players do have the right to report you to higher staff. We may not take it completely seriously, but don't try to stop them from doing so.
    4. We expect you to be active. This applies especially if you are a Gym Leader. Gym Leaders will be put on probation if they are inactive for two weeks without informing another staff member why. Moderators will be demoted after one month of unexplained inactivity. Trial Moderators will be demoted after two weeks of unexplained inactivity.
    5. Ranks that are higher than you have a higher say; do not harass them about breaking minor rules or how they decide to deal with situations. If you believe they are acting extremely out of order, tell an Owner. Please provide screenshots.
      Please try to refrain from being a "Minimod". This rule applies more to Gym Leaders (and we will give a slap on a wrist to any normal forum members who do it) and is more of a Forum rule. Staff appreciates your thoughtfulness, but we can handle Moderator applications, Gym Leader applications, Operator applications and any disquiet among our members. Please don't act like a forum moderator as a Gym Leader. You do not need to critique an application. If anyone is to critique an application, it would be someone who is directly involved in accepting it, like a Forum Moderator or a Moderator/Operator/Owner on Pixelmon. We do take your opinion into account, but we do not need you to try and tell applicants how to word their thread. If they do need help getting the format, go ahead and link it. Telling them if their answers are inadequate is our job. You won't be demoted for this, but it's worth mentioning. It is a pain in the side.
    6. Your nickname should be something pertaining to your username or real name. Having to /realname check every time you guys switch your nickname to something obscure is annoying for staff members. Guests should have a good idea who you are in chat, too. If you go by a different username than your one in-game, feel free to use that (mainly in place for morte and others like him, do not abuse this to say the main username you go by is "TaylorSwift420").
    7. You should never, ever, ever abuse your powers. Do not get all tushy-tussled and kick people for little reason, or mute people just because they disagree. Don't use NBTEdit, if you are given permission to use it, to max out your Pokemon's stats. Do not teleport to anyone who doesn't want you in their house unless you have a strong feeling that they are disobeying the rules. If you are given Creative, do not use it to hoard masterballs and diamond blocks. Do not use your Gym Pokemon outside of your Gym. The list goes on, but this is the most important rule. Disobeying this rule will result in an immediate demotion, with little-to-no exceptions.
    8. Do not ban any user without citing a reason. You must have a solid reason for banning a user. You will also need evidence, whether it be another staff member or screenshots. You may not ban a player just because you do not like them.
    9. Do not let personal feelings into your moderation. Whatever you personally feel about an individual, leave it at the door. Don't pull your personal arguments into official matters. This also applies to your best friends. Don't automatically assume their innocence or treat them far different from other users just because you're close.
    10. More rules will be added with time. Please refer to rule one. If a rule isn't listed here yet, it probably will be in the future. Do remember that /rules applies to you, too. You are not outside being moderated into the ground.
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