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[3/19/2015] SMP Beta opening - Some pix updates.

Discussion in 'News' started by Sportsfan666, Mar 19, 2015.

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    I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I'm attempting to write this thread pretty quickly. I apologise in advance for any errors/misunderstandings.

    For starters, the Pixelmon mod is now working with 1.8. Apparently cauldron (cauldron allows us to use plugins such as pex, towny, etc) hasn't updated to support this yet, however. What that means is we do not plan on updating to the 1.8 compatible of pix for a while. As of now, the server is still running 3.4.

    Also in Pix news, I am considering a new donation system. This system would give donors certain perks (such as colored text, nicknames, etc) as well as introduce a new reward system. The reward system is currently underworks, but it involves a sort of "minigame" to chose donor rewards. After I get back from my trip, I will get some more feedback for it.

    Pix activity has been a bit low since the IP mishap. We are not entirely sure why that is, but we are adding a new incentive for voting next month. The current voting system would stay in place, but we would also add an end of the month raffle for rewards. The way it would work is that for every x (we aren't sure on the number yet) amount of votes you get, you receive that many entries into the raffle. The prizes in this raffle would vary, with the top being a legendary Pokemon.

    Now on to SMP stuff! The SMP server is playable at this point, but we still have a lot to add/build. As of now, it is basically at the base of what we want it to be - an extreme survival server. Mobs are buffed up and ores are more difficult to come across. You will need to work together to survive. Whenever we get the time to do so, we plan on adding more luxuries - voting, quests, dungeons, etc.

    Only a handful of players are whitelisted at this point. If you have an official town (you should know if you do) you can ask to be whitelisted. If you do not have an official town, but you want to be whitelisted, you can fill out this form. If you are approved, an OP will whitelist you. There is probably a bit more to be said here, but as I said earlier, I am in a hurry. Good luck everyone!

    Post your application here if you want in! ^^^

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